Thought leaders in health and human services have asserted for decades that our national drive to optimize medical care, while obviously important, is too narrow an approach if the bottom-line objective is to improve the health and well-being of all of our country’s residents and communities. Instead, reformers have argued that any genuinely encompassing, successful healthcare system will also need to include such life-altering social factors (determinants) as access to quality education, employment, housing, nutrition and safe environments, among many others.

Today, for a host of converging reasons – ranging from new laws to the persistence of reform advocates, from financial incentives to unprecedented technical innovations for gathering and sharing data – it appears that professional, public and policy-maker recognition of the significance of the Social Determinants of Health is finally approaching a tipping point.

It is against this backdrop that the Stewards of Change Institute is introducing its groundbreaking InterOptimability Training and Certification Program. ITCC incorporates the knowledge and tools accumulated over the past decade through our work with thousands of HHS leaders, academic partners and industry experts. And it is designed to prepare your workforce – executives, program managers, supervisors and case workers – to achieve 21st Century learning standards.

InterOptimability (think Interoperability + Optimization) is a unique methodology that we created to build competencies that can meet the demands of an increasingly complex and interconnected field. This methodology is at the heart of ITCC, which will offer “training on demand” through its state-of-the-art, web-based platform – and will enable your organization to prepare for the convergence of programs that span the HHS continuum and help you build capacity to embrace the social determinants of health and wellness.

Upon completion of ITCC, participants will receive accredited certification from our partners in this program, the American Health Information Management Association, a global association that has provided training and certification for the health fields since 1928.

Our vision, like yours, is to accelerate progress toward achieving health equity and better outcomes for communities across our country. The innovative ITCC program aims to do that by:

  • Providing organizations with the ability to rapidly create and manage consumer-centric, holistic and cost-effective models of care.
  • Enhancing and extending technical and change-management knowledge across organizational silos and hierarchies.
  • Empowering your workforce to use information to transform its systems and culture to optimize health and wellness.

You can learn more about ITCC by viewing three short videos we’ve produced with seed funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which is working to build a National Culture of Health and Wellness throughout our country. Part one in the series provides an overview of ITCC; part two explains some of the key initiatives and innovations that are contributing to unprecedented change; and part three examines the nuts-and-bolt of the program and its 10 change drivers.

We are excited by the doors ITCC will open, the connections it will enable you to make, and the good that it will do. Most of all, we hope – and believe – it will lead us on a journey, together, to a healthier and more equitable world.