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Consent’s Key Role in Advancing Information Sharing, Health Outcomes and Equity Researching and disseminating reports, studies, playbooks and white papers is one of the principal ways Stewards of Change Institute (SOCI) has provided information, insights and thought leadership since the organization’s inception over a decade ago. Here’s a sampling of our publications over time. We […]

Are we at the point of a fundamental change in the role of IT in Human Services?

I’ve been working now for some 27 years in Human Services in -roles mostly related to the advanced use of IT by the business.  I was there through client server mainframe replacement in the early 90’s, business intelligence in the late 90’s, the Internet in the 00’s, composite applications and SOA in the late 00’s […]

An Exhilarating Event at Stanford … and Much More Coming Up

Open Data, at its heart, is about opening doors – doors to sharing vital information, doors to stimulating innovation, doors to making progress and improving lives. Recently, I learned that there are even more possibilities behind yet another door, one that for too long has stood barely ajar at the intersection of academic research and […]

For Stewards of Change, 2015 Won’t Be Just Another Year

           My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?”                                                                                                                     — Dr. Seuss Here’s what I meant to do on January 1: Wake up late, spend some time with my family, read a couple of chapters of a good book, and then write a blog wishing everyone a happy 2015 […]

Working for Change and Improving Lives … but First a Fish Story

The adage goes something like this: “If you give a family a fish, you feed them for one meal; if you teach them how to fish, you feed them for a lifetime.” So how in the world, you may ask, does this relate to the work of the Stewards of Change Institute (SOCI) on information-sharing […]

The convergence of justice, human services, and health care

In 2006, the Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that “At midyear 2005 more than half of all prison and jail inmates had a mental health problem, including 705,600 inmates in State prisons, 78,800 in Federal prisons, and 479,900 in local jails.These estimates represented 56% of State prisoners, 45% of Federal prisoners, and 64% of jail […]

Announcing the Stewards of Change Institute: A New Not For Profit Organization

As the Chairman of Stewards of Change Institute, I am proud to announce that the Institute has received official recognition by the IRS as a tax exempt 501(c)(3) public charity.  SOC Institute was organized exclusively to research, support, and educate the general public, government agencies, judiciary, private businesses, foundations, and not for profits about sharing and […]

Tweeting the 2013 SOC Symposium

Excitement is building in the week leading up to the 8th Annual National Stewards of Change Symposium (June 10-12,  in partnership with Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD).  Enrollment is at capacity, with public sector, private industry, and non-profit thought leaders and early innovators from across the country.  This year’s line-up of speakers is sure to […]

Reaching Across Boundaries

Even within an organization that might think of itself as an enterprise, such as a police department or a hospital, there are impediments to open communications and information sharing.   Tightly knit communities of interest within enterprises are generally regarded as places where information is freely and openly shared in order for the members of such […]