Graphic Murals

If A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words, Then A Mural Can Tell An Entire Story.

Vision Mapping

Stewards of Change Institute (SOCI) uses a powerful and highly effective tool to bring ideas to life and explain challenging concepts at our regional and national symposia, educational and training sessions, and other activities. We call it “vision mapping” because it charts a visual narrative that enables event participants to literally see – in real time – what they’ve been thinking and discussing. It is also one of the most engaging and productive techniques we use to help organizations generate learning and gain insights to inform their programmatic, organizational and/or strategic goals.

Using human-centered design principles – that is, ones that focus specifically on the client’s needs and realities – we simulate various scenarios that reflect the complex, real-world environment in which individuals, families and/or organizations operate. The process includes creating graphically illustrated personas, composite characters who bring to life the people and situations in the scenarios.

Human Centered Design & Personas

The Benson Family PersonaStewards of Change believes there is considerable value for health and human services to embrace personas and use them as a way to communicate across an organization, so that everyone can understand the client’s complex needs and incorporate that knowledge into their particular viewpoint and discipline. Personas embody “human-centered design” principles when they are used to capture the complex and multifaceted needs, wants and interactions of customers. They have been used in industry, including the technology sector, to improve customer understanding, product performance, software design and user acceptance. Check out samples of our work:

The Interoperability Gallery

For the first time, Stewards of Change was able to bring almost three dozen of its visually arresting murals together for an Interoperability Gallery at the 2nd Annual CIE summit. By all accounts, the unique result was a showcase that induced hundredsof visitors to take photos, buzz about both the content and its presentation, and take information from the murals home to enhance their own work. At the request of other conference organizers who toured the gallery, our next step is to “take the show on the road” to enrich subsequent events.

Mural Library: Over A Decade of Murals... And Learning

The murals we’ve archived from our previous events are also valuable resources. They provide information and insights. They offer instruction and explain processes regarding interoperability, technology, change management, confidentiality, and many other parts of SOCI’s theory of change and implementation practices. And they are all available to you and your organization, tagged so you can search them for key words and concepts. Please take a look, review them, enjoy them – and use them.