10th Annual Symposium: Harnessing the Power of Information Interoperability and Social Determinants

SOCI2015 – Agenda Overview
SOCI2015 – Day One – Signs of Momentum for Interoperability in Building a Culture of Health
SOCI2015 – Day One – Insights into ONC’s “Connecting Health and Health Care for the Nation…”
SOCI2015 – Day One – Welcome, Introduction, Overview
SOCI2015 – Day One – Wisdom and Knowledge in the Age of Google
SOCI2015 – Day One – Applying Social Determinants to Improve Health and Wellness
SOCI2015 – Day Two – Federal Interagency Collaboration – Perspectives, Pitfalls…and Progress
SOCI2015 – Day Two – Insights into the Future of Health and Human Services – Powered by Watson
SOCI2015 – Day Two – Scaling the Mountain of Interoperability