9th Annual Symposium: Advancing Health and Human Services Interoperability

SOCI2014 – Welcome and Questions of Consequence: The “State of the Art” and the “Art of the Possible”
SOCI2014 – Insights from Across Disciplines; Symposium Overview and Agenda
SOCI2014 – Project Interoperability: An Approach for Improving Systems and Transforming Health and Human Services
SOCI2014 – Marshmallow Challenge Team-Building and The State of the Art of Interoperability within Health and Human Services
SOCI2014 – Data: It’s All about What We Do with It to Effect Policy and Practice Change
SOCI2014 – Interactive Session: Working with Personas
SOCI2014 – The Art of the Possible: 21st Century Systems of Care (IBM) and Building Health and Social Services Solutions in the Age of Google
SOCI2014 – IGNITE Sessions: Advancing Interoperability Through Leading Edge Initiatives
SOCI2014 – The Art of the Possible; SOCI Board; and, Federal Panel Updates